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FP7-Fission-2008- Programma di ricerca EURATOM

12 ottobre 2009
€ 48.410.000

Lo strumento fa parte del programma EURATOM del 7° Programma Quadro di Ricerca.

Settori oggetto dell'invito (Topics called)

Management of Radioactive Waste: Fission-1
Geological disposal:

  • Fission-2008-1.1.1: Gas generation and transport in support of performance assessment;
  • Fission-2008-1.1.2: Strategies and technologies for repository monitoring;
  • Fission-2008-1.1.3: Long-term performance of Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS);
  • Fission-2008-1.1.4: Consensus views on scientific/technical knowledge for the safety case of geological repositories;

Partitioning and transmutation: