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Chips Act

  • EU’s plan to overcome semiconductor shortage: the Chips Act

    European Commission This week (15 February), the plenary session in Strasbourg expressed its vote on two bills: the Chips Act and the Chips Joint Undertaking for Europe, endorsing the text already adopted by the Industry Committee which focuses on next-generation semiconductors and quantum chips and on creating a network of centers to address the skills shortage and attract new talent on research, design and production. 

    The European Parliament aims at boosting EU chips industry

  • The European Parliament aims at boosting EU chips industry

    European Commission - Copyright: Christophe LicoppeThis week at the European Parliament the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) held a public hearing focused on finding new ways to improve the European Union chips industry and finally adopted a legislation aimed at bolstering technological capacity and innovation and increasing investments in the European ecosystem.