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Training and workshops: Second workshop on substituting targeted hazardous chemicals
Bruxelles, Belgium, Europe
The European Commission is hosting a second workshop in co-operation with a group of contractors led by the Logika Group. It is being held in the context of the study 'Strengthening the role of substitution planning in the context of REACH and other EU chemicals legislation'.This workshop will give an update on progress made on the project to date, including the problem definition. It will also provide an overview of the identified options for a substitution framework and explore their potential implications. Views on the options and initial results will be sought from the audience, so they can be taken into account before the final stages of the study commence. The presentations and a report on the first workshop are available to read. A background document for the workshop will be issued in advance. This will provide an overview of the problem analysis and identified options. Workshop minutes will be prepared afterwards to document the discussions. Register here Book your seat, 1 month left to register, registration will end on Sunday 1 September 2024, 12:00 (CEST) Draft agendaopening plenary session, includingproject context and introduction by the European Commissionoverview of the problem analysisoverview of the options for a subsitution framework group discussions on the identified optionsclosing plenary session summarising feedback and next stepsThe opening and closing sessions will be livestreamed.BackgroundThere is a need to find better and more efficient ways to promote and support substitution for targeted hazardous chemicals, in particular for complex cases. A revised substitution framework should promote a faster transition towards improved health and environmental protections, facilitate cooperation and innovation between actors across complex value chains, and allow for enhanced investment and planning to secure the competitiveness of EU industry.More information