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Exhibitions: EU Stand at the Libramont agriculture, forestry and agribusiness fair 2024
Luxembourg, Wallonia, Belgium, Europe
The Libramont agriculture, forestry and agribusiness fair is the largest open-air fair in Europe. Every year, it welcomes nearly 200,000 visitors, 700 exhibitors and 4000 brands on a 200,000 m2 site. The EU stand will offer engaging experiences to bring to life the common agricultural policy (CAP), livestock, the quality labels and a modern European agriculture, with a focus on precision farming and digital tools for agriculture.Visitors will be able to discover out more about: the key role the common agricultural policy (CAP) plays to ensure safe and affordable food, environmental care, vibrant and lively rural areas, while supporting European farmers' income;how the EU safeguards geographical indications and quality systems to highlight their unique characteristics tied to geographical origin and traditional expertise;how the EU empowers the farming industry, from satellite imagery to geo-tagged photos and real-time data to improve decision-making and promote sustainable farming practices.Visit us and get to: taste European quality products;join interactive experiences to learn about European agriculture and the importance of soil;take a quiz to learn more about the EU and agriculture;enjoy a coffee break and ask questions about how the EU supports farmers and promotes European agriculture.