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A new call for tenders for a study on the state of competition in the EU

Credits: Retail and LoyaltyThe Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission has launched a new call for tenders to explore aspects of the current state of competition in the European Union. In particular, its evolution over time and its role in terms of added value and welfare creation for citizens and businesses. 

Objectives of the call

Specifically, the DG for Competition is looking through this open call for a contractor who will be able to execute a study and seeks to obtain evidence and analysis in the following two areas, the details of which are elaborated upon in the remainder of this document. The study should be divided into two parts.

Part A: Aspects of the State of Competition in the EU

  • 'Price-concentration studies' section has the goal to document what difference effective competition at sector level can make notably in terms of observed price levels but also in terms of other variables of interest to customers, such as innovation, quality and after-sales service.
  • 'Global superstar firms' has the goal to identify which firms belong to this category, to assess the key characteristics of the sectors to which they belong, analysing the role played by these firms in driving industry concentration and corporate profitability in further detail, and exploring whether and to what extent these firms face effective competitive constraints or benefit from barriers to entry.
  • 'Export champions' to analyse the contribution of EU Internal Market competition to the ability of EU-based companies to operate successfully on the global stage. Moreover, the domestic competition has to be explored at the level of the upstream markets for relevant inputs for the European export champions, in markets where the European companies are active and in downstream markets.
Part B: The ‘Cost of Non-Competition’ to the wider economy. In recent decades, the economic literature has made various attempts to assess the cost of malfunctioning competition to the wider economy. For this reason, the findings of the contractor's study may feed into:
  • DG Competition’s appraisals of the extent to which its competition policy enforcement is effective and/or requires adaptations;
  • DG Competition’s enforcement actions in particular in those sectors covered by the study;
  • DG Competition’s advocacy efforts, including potentially, future work describing the state of EU competition. 

The estimates must be based on insights gained from history, cross-country comparisons and natural experiments illustrating the impact of differences in the competitive environment associated with factors such as the competition enforcement regime or the regulatory environment; and also on the use of macroeconomic models simulating the effect of competition on the EU economy.

Who can apply

The call expects the applicants to have several general requirements:

  • proved experience in economic research on matters concerning competition policy, descriptive and statistical analyses, ex-post evaluation techniques, as well as in complex modelling;
  • appropriate research capacity and data collection and processing facilities, in order to be able to perform the tasks described in these tender specifications;
  • proved experience in the drafting of EU policy reports and recommendations in English;
  • the tenderer must assemble a team of experienced researchers that will be responsible for delivering the service.

Deadline to apply and duration of the contract

The deadline to submit the tender application is on 5 October 2022. The indicative starting date of the study contract is December 2022, while the period of execution of the contract is 12 months.


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