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What is on the menu for the TSI support in 2024?

29 March 2024

Support - photo by Christina Morillo from PexelsDuring the press conference on March 26th, Commissioner of Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira presented the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) of 2024 that will provide help and support for all member states to enhance national cohesion, to build strong capacities, to support reforms and to adapt to nowadays' challenges.

Four years ago, European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira firstly introduced and launched the TSI tool to help enable member states to face new challenges: in these years, the adhesion of members of the EU has steadily grown, reaching the engagement of all the 27 member states. Since the beginning in 2017, the TSI has supported 1800 projects of member states, and it continues to be demanded from member states.

307 reforms, 170 projects among 27 member states: this is the goal of the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) in 2024. During the press conference, Commissioner Ferreira showed the main field of interests that 2024's projects will focus on.

Firstly, the former focus will add more measures to build public adm