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MSCA calls continue to boost international research cooperation

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13 May 2024

researchers in chemistry lab. Credit: Edward Jenner via PexelDespite the many challenges facing the EU economy, EU investment in top-notch, cooperative doctoral research is not only being maintained, but is taking centre stage as a means to ensure the bloc's capacity to innovate in a competitive academic environment.

Recognising the importance of international cooperation, particularly through primary legislation such as the Treaty for the Functioning of the European Union (TfEU), which cements cooperation in research and innovation (R&I) as part of its framework programmes. International cooperation in science is also a cornerstone of the Europe 2020 strategy, acknowledging the necessity to cooperate with non-EU countries on major challenges such as energy, food security, climate change and social care for an increasingly ageing world population.

EU strategy supports international innovation partnerships

The EU recognises the importance of int