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Urban development: Urbact IV Programme 2021-2027 approved

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30 September 2022

European Union, 2022 / Photographer: Xavier LejeuneGreen light for the Urbact IV programme which, with its official approval, formally enters into operation. In the seven-year period 2021-2027 Urbact will continue to be a European territorial cooperation programme supporting the adoption of sustainable urban development policies by European cities.

At 65 pages long, the cooperation programme of Urbact IV (2021-2027) outlines its priority objectives, including its connection with other European initiatives for sustainable urban development, indicating its budget, priorities and target groups.

The first call for the new Urbact - the programme says - is scheduled for January 2023. Although not much more is known at the moment, the publication of the official document of the new Urbact Programme 2021-2027 already makes it possible to identify the priorities on which the funds will be concentrated.

What is the Urbact IV Programme?

Created in the wake of the three previous editions (Urbact I, Urbact II and Urbact III), Urbact IV is also a European Territ