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FP7-TPT–2008-RTD-1- Cooperazione - Trasporti (compresa l’aeronautica)

12 ottobre 2009

Lo strumento fa parte del programma Cooperation del 7° Programma Quadro di Ricerca e finanzia progetti di sviluppo tecnologico nel settore dei trasporti.

Settori oggetto dell'invito (Topics called)

Cross-cutting activities for PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION:

  1. TPT.2008.1. Assessing disruptive effects of extreme weather events on operation and performance of EU transport system;

  2. TPT.2008.2 The climate-friendly travel choice in the city, region and world of tomorrow;

  3. TPT.2008.3. Lead markets for zero greenhouse gas emission transport systems;

  4. TPT.2008.4. Impact assessment of transport research funding in Europe on the environment (air, water and soil);

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