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Horizon Europe: incoming Mission Cities calls for proposals

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08 July 2024

Photo by Sophie Otto from PexelsA new call for Mission Cities will be launched in mid-September. After selecting the 100 European cities that will serve as laboratories for experimenting with sustainable practices, the Mission continues its journey to support the EU's climate neutrality by focusing on cities, the world's main CO2 fronts. Nearly €100 million will be on the table, divided into four themes to fund research, development and innovation projects.

This is the current state of the "Mission 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities," one of the five Missions under Horizon Europe aimed at addressing some of the major challenges of our time.

Alongside those for fighting cancer (Mission Cancer), combating climate change (Mission Climate), protecting soils (Mission Soil), and oceans (Mission Ocean), Mission Cities represents Brussels' attempt to systematize resources (not just economic, but also human and know-how) and project practices to achieve a critical mass sufficient to have tangible and long-term effects on some of the most relevant fronts for the future of humanity.

To achieve this, the