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Horizon 2020 - Social Innovation Prize in 2016

17 settembre 2015

Social innovation

Until 21 October 2015 European citizens will be able to choose the topic of the next Social Innovation Horizon Prize

In 2016 the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute, will launch a contest based upon a social challenge choosen by Europan citizens. The Horizon prize is a new kind of inducement prize that offers a cash reward to whoever can most effectively help meet a defined challenge with a breakthrough solution.

Five themes are up for vote:

  • Childhood obesity;
  • Aging population;
  • Integration of immigrants in the labour market;
  • Women-led enterprises growing in numbers and size;
  • Community-led clean energy generation.

The topic that receives the most votes will be the challenge of the prize contest, while the team that best meets the challenge with the most promising solution will receive 2 million of euros from Horizon 2020.

The Commission will announce the results of the contest on 22 October 2015.

Photo credit: Forum PA / Foter / CC BY-NC