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HyFlexFuel, a successful story of EU-funded project for advanced biofuels

31 agosto 2022

European Communities 2001 In order to reach climate neutrality by 2050 one of the European Green Deal’s goal is to reduce the 85% of transport emissions. To this end Hydrothermal liquefaction to produce feedstock-flexible advanced biofuels could cut global emissions.

By 2040, one-third of tanks must be filled with sustainable fuels. A share that will rise to 85% by 2050. These are the targets to be achieved by the EU aviation sector under the regulation approved by the European Parliament and amending the original proposal made by the Commission. A proposal that aims to decarbonize a sector that to date accounts for 13.4% of total Co2 emissions from EU transport.

In this context HyFlexFuel can be an example of a successful EU-funded project which gathered 11 European partners with expertise across the entire biofuel production chain. The project worked on advancing hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) as key technology for sustainable and economically competitiv