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Investing in sustainable seafood: why is it an opportunity?

20 luglio 2022

European Union, 2018 / Photographer: Vincent GouriouPlanet Tracker, World Benchmarking Alliance, WWF, and the United Nations Environment Porgramme Finance Initiative hosted a panel discussion to outline to investors the business case for sustainable seafood finance.

The unsustainable extraction of marine resources, biodiversity loss and pollution posed to the health of our life support system and the global ocean. As healthy ocean is the basis for major global industries, from shipping to seafood and tourism, banks, insurers and investors have significant leverage to transform these sectors at pace.

Industrial fisheries and aquaculture are a big driver of biodiversity loss in the ocean and coastal ecosystems, but at the same time, they are crucial the livelihoods of coastal communities and a possible source of low carbon protein.

If sustainability is front and center of fisheries and aquaculture operations, how can investors start supporting sustainable seafood production? There are lots of tools an