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A new call for proposals on Cloud Data and TEFs

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01 ottobre 2022

Credits: PixabayThe European Commission has launched one more call for proposals from the Digital Europe Programme on Cloud Data and Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs). The call is divided in 6 different sub-topics that aim to reinforce the EU’s core Artificial Intelligence (AI) capacities as a crucial driver for the digital transformation of the public and private sectors.

Large-scale pilots for cloud-to-edge based service solutions

Large-scale pilot projects will be launched aiming at the deployment at scale of innovative, sustainable, secure and cross-border cloud-to-edge based services applied in a set of well-chosen application sectors. These deployments will have 2 main objectives:

  • being the first actual concrete implementations and deployments of the middleware platform and its different open source middleware solutions by serving the needs of a specific application sector and use case and the gained experience should feedback into this separate process. Diversity, both in geography and use cases, of the retained large scale pilot projects will therefore be key in testing