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3 new call for proposals from the Digital Europe Program

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30 settembre 2022

Credits: European Commission has launched a series of 3 new call for proposals, which are part of the Digital Europe Programme (2021-2022 work programme). Interested actors will have the possibility to apply for a variety of opportunities which include the European Digital Innovation Hubs, cybersecurity, and digital skills.

Digital Innovation Hubs

The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) have the objective to support the digital transformation of companies, especially SMEs and small mid-caps, and/or public sector organizations conducting non-economic activities. EDIHs provide services such as testing before investing, training and skills development, support to find investments, networking and access to innovation ecosystems. 

 The call is open only to entities or consortia whose coordinators have been designated by the Member States through an open and competitive process in accordance with national procedures, administrative and institutional structures.

This second call is only open for:

  • Designate