Horizon 2020 - Secure societies, work programme 2016-2017

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 The European Commission published the work programme 2016-2017 of societal challenge 7 in Horizon 2020

Security as societal value is a guiding principle throughout this Work Programme. All individual actions must be in compliance with the provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The work programme foresees 3 calls for proposals:


  • CIP-01-2016-2017: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe

2. Call - SECURITY

Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society

  • SEC-01-DRS-2016: Integrated tools for response planning and scenario building
  • SEC-02-DRS-2016: Situational awareness systems to support civil protection preparation and operational decision making
  • SEC-03-DRS-2016: Validation of biological toxins measurements after an incident:

Development of tools and procedures for quality control

  • SEC-04-DRS-2017: Broadband communication systems
  • SEC-05-DRS-2016-2017: Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) cluster

Fight against crime and Terrorism

  • SEC-06-FCT-2016: Developing a comprehensive approach to violent radicalization in the EU from early understanding to improving protection
  • SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017: Human Factor for the Prevention, Investigation, and Mitigation of criminal and terrorist acts
  • SEC-08-FCT-2016: Forensics techniques on: a) trace qualification, and b) broadened use of DNA
  • SEC-09-FCT-2017: Toolkits integrating tools and techniques for forensic laboratories SEC-10-FCT-2017: Integration of detection capabilities and data fusion with utility providers’ networks
  • SEC-11-FCT-2016: Detection techniques on explosives: Countering an explosive threat, across the timeline of a plot
  • SEC-12-FCT-2016-2017: Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation in the context of fight against crime and terrorism

Border Security and External Security

  • SEC-13–BES–2017: Next generation of information systems to support EU external policies SEC-14-BES–2016: Towards reducing the cost of technologies in land border security applications
  • SEC-15-BES–2017: Risk-based screening at border crossing
  • SEC-16-BES–2017: Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU
  • SEC-17-BES-2017: Architectures and organizations, big data and data analytics for customs risk management of the international goods supply chain trade movements
  • SEC-18-BES–2017: Acceptance of "no gate crossing point solutions"
  • SEC-19-BES-2016: Data fusion for maritime security applications
  • SEC-20-BES-2016: Border Security: autonomous systems and control systems
  • General Matters
  • SEC-21–GM-2016-2017: Pan European Networks of practitioners and other actors in the field of security

3. Call - Digital Security Focus Area

  • DS-01-2016: Assurance and Certification for Trustworthy and Secure ICT systems, services and components
  • DS-02-2016: Cyber Security for SMEs, local public administration and Individuals
  • DS-03-2016: Increasing digital security of health related data on a systemic level
  • DS-04-2016: Economics of Cybersecurity
  • DS-05-2016: EU Cooperation and International Dialogues in Cybersecurity and Privacy

Research and Innovation

  • DS-06-2017: Cryptography
  • DS-07-2017: Addressing Advanced Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors
  • DS-08-2017: Privacy, Data Protection, Digital Identities

There are also other actions:

  • Fast track to Innovation,
  • SME Instrument,
  • support to workshops, conferences, expert groups, communications activities or studies.

The budget of the work programme is 382 million of euros (185 million of euros for 2016 and 197 million of euros for 2017).

Work programme 2016-2017