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The Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate is born: 50 Ministers to fight climate change

Pexels - Photo by Porapak ApichodilokMore than 50 Ministers of EU Member States and other partner countries together with the European Commission announced the launch of the Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate, a global forum that for the first time is extended to a Ministerial-level and is completely dedicated to trade and climate and sustainable development issues.

Cooperation, leadership, transparency and inclusivity are the pillar principles on which this forum is based. The four co-leads that took the initiative to form this coalition are the European Union, Ecuador, Kenya and New Zealand, countries which decided to join forces to foster global action in order to promote trade policies that can help address climate change through local and global initiatives.

The main objective of this global forum is to provide political guidance and identify trade-related strategies to adapt to changing climate conditions and extreme weather, for instance through the production, diffusion, accessibility and uptake of climate-friendly technologies.

Since this high-level political dialogue will see the participation of Trade Ministers from different regions and income levels, part of the coalition’s responsibility and commitment will also be identifying ways in which trade policies can support the most vulnerable developing and least developed countries that face the greatest risks from climate change.

So far the Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate includes more than 50 ministers from 27 jurisdictions, but it is open to all interested countries and also to civil society, business, international organizations and climate and finance communities that are willing to participate in its work.

Besides the four countries that we mentioned above, the other participants are: Angola, Australia, Barbados, Cabo Verde, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Gambia, Japan (Foreign Affairs & Trade), Republic of Korea, Maldives, Mozambique, Norway, Philippines, Rwanda, Zambia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Vanuatu.

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