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LIFE programme: more than 116 million euros to reach climate and environmental goals

Pexels - Photo by Egor KunovskyThrough a 116 million euros investment, the European Commission will help 7 different Member States to reach their climate and environmental goals, funding eight major projects via the new LIFE Programme’s Strategic Projects. 

LIFE programme 2021-2027

LIFE programme, EU specific instrument for funding the climate and environmental action, presented for its 2014-2020 period some - now funded - projects whose main goal was contributing to national, regional or industry-/sector-specific greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and low carbon economy roadmaps: the so-called Integrated Projects (IPs). 

The Strategic Nature Projects - more focused on helping countries mainstream their nature and biodiversity policy objectives into other policies and financing instruments - and the Strategic Integrated Projects were part of LIFE’s Integrated Projects and are now being financed through the substantial investment by the European Commission in seven countries like Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and Finland. These projects are now expected to mobilize significant additional funds from other EU funding sources, including agricultural, structural, regional and research funds, in addition to national funds and private sector investment.

The eight major projects

The projects chosen and financed cover four thematic areas:

Climate change mitigation: aligned with the EU’s Climate law, in Poland the LIFE AFTER COAL PL team will help implement the country’s 'Strategy for Climate Neutrality Eastern Wielkopolska 2040' (RSCN) with a particular focus on the utility and transport sectors. 

Climate change adaptation: Estonia's LIFE-SIP AdaptEs project team will increase the country's capacity for climate change adaptation by helping implement its 'Development Plan for Climate Change Adaptation'. In Spain, the LIFE eCOadapt50 project will raise awareness of climate change adaptation by involving governments and businesses in local Climate Adaptation strategies. Partners in Italy's LIFE Climax PO will test climate-smart water management at the river basin scale and improve the governance of water resource management. Together, these three projects support the implementation of the EU's Adaptation Strategy.

Water quality and waste management: LIFE Living Rivers in Slovakia will maintain water quality, protect natural habitats and native species, and promote sustainable forestry and fisheries management. The project will contribute to the implementation of the EU's Water Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive. The team behind PlastLIFE will help implement the Plastic Roadmap for Finland. Work will include reducing plastic litter, decreasing waste and plastic consumption, and boosting recycling.

Nature conservation and restoration: In Belgium, partners in B4B LIFE (Bringing Natura 2000 to the people) - coordinated by Flanders Region - will enlarge protected areas, improve connectivity and develop action plans for critical habitats and species across the country, contributing to implementing EU policy on biodiversity and protected areas. In Poland then, the Wetlands Green LIFE team will help implement EU policy on protected areas and the habitats and species they support, with a focus on marshes, peatlands and wetlands across various Natura 2000 sites. Both projects also support the implementation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives. 

The projects aim to help Europe become the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and will contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal. They also support the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Zero Pollution Action Plan, the Nature Restoration Law and contribute to a clean energy transition.