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Vulcanus in Europe – EU companies host Japanese trainees

The Vulcanus in Europe programme offers EU industrial companies the unique opportunity to host a Japanese student as a trainee for 8 months japan

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Vulcanus in Europe

The programme was launched in 1996 on the initiative of the European Commission and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) with the purpose of contributing to the improvement and stimulation of industrial cooperation and of improving mutual understanding between Japan and the European Union. The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is responsible for the actual organisation of the programme.

The Vulcanus in Europe programme has the following objectives:

  • to provide EU companies with skilled Japanese students as trainees to help them in the development of their business with Japan;
  • to familiarise a pool of future Japanese executives with Europe's business culture, its economic structure and its institutions, so that they will be well-placed to help their future employers in their business relations with Europe.

EU companies

All companies in the industrial sector within the EU are eligible to apply for the Vulcanus in Europe programme, whether or not they already have established business contacts with Japan.

A major reason Japanese students take part in Vulcanus is to acquire experience of working within a team and thereby gaining an understanding of European approaches to team-working, decision-making and cross-cultural issues. It is therefore essential that you integrate any student(s) into your team.

By hosting Japanese students from high-tech, scientific and technical fields, the company:

  • gains an insight into Japanese business culture;
  • benefits from a valuable addition to its workforce;
  • is assisted in the development of its business with Japan; and
  • establishes close links with future high-profile staff in Japanese industry, who will already be familiar with Europe’s business culture

The host company’s costs for the complete training period of 8 months are:

  • a total amount of € 6,600 (except from Germany where minimum wage is applicable)
  • national taxes & costs linked with wages, visas, work permits, if applicable.

Japanese trainee

The Japanese trainee is chosen from among Japan's best students, either in the third or fourth year of their undergraduate studies or following a postgraduate course in one of the following disciplines: engineering (mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil, nuclear, etc.) / architecture / biology, chemistry, biotechnology, physics / metal materials, ceramics / computer science, telecommunications / production systems....

The student's academic record, the opinion of his/her tutors and the student's motivation and ability to adapt are all factors which are taken into consideration in his/her selection. The EU company will propose the contents of the traineeship. Before the start of the traineeship the EU-Japan Centre will arrange and fund a 16-week intensive course in the language spoken in your company, giving him/her a working knowledge of the language you have chosen.


In order to host a trainee from August 2017 for 8 months the EU compaies must apply before 23 September 2016.

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